Cycle through Vinyasa and meet me in Downdog, 9/12/14

What a gift. An awesome practice. Thank you Liza!

Happy Hour Yoga at 5:30pm…taking class with Liza tonight was a combination of strength, flow, exquisite cues and tenderness. “Cycle through vinyasa and meet me in downdog.”

Having a chance as a yoga teacher to take class, observing The Yoga Space as a student, (colors of orange, lavender, purple, candle lit altar, the energy and breath of a full room of practitioners).

Feeling an immense sense of gratitude for the beauty and transformative power of Yoga and heart-felt community here at the studio. Each day of practice brings us closer to understanding our true self, peeling open the layers, grounding into what is through the physical and riding infinite possibilities through the breath, all amongst the support of fellow yogis. Warmth, connection, vitality, grace, expansion, surrender.

Finished it off with kale, carrot, apple and ginger root cocktail. Thank you Liza! OM, Raji

(Pictured above left to right, Yoga Space teachers Mali, Liza and Raji)

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